What is an Infographic? Examples, Templates, Design Tips

What is an Infographic? Examples, Templates, Design Tips

Too much text can make an infographic look boring and uninteresting. If you want to organize information by different levels, such as by priority, importance or difficulty, a hierarchical infographic like the one above is a good way to go. Looking to break down and explain the different parts of something?

  1. Pre-made infographic templates (like the one below) can give you the design inspiration you need to get your infographic rolling.
  2. And the legend simplifies interpretation by clearly identifying each color, percentage, and brand.
  3. You also need to know the kind of tone that works with your audience, as you’ll use that to craft compelling copy for your infographic.
  4. Focus on making sure the primary or body font is super easy to read (see chart below for some ideas) and then select a more stylized font for headings that pairs well with it.
  5. Infographics have exploded among marketers and journalists, but only a few can be described as truly effective.

You can explain why certain actions should be taken and why some should be avoided. You can use fear and common mistakes to build trust and demonstrate your expertise amongst your marketing infographics. Like checklists, how-to content is instantly actionable, ensuring that users will derive more value from effective infographic examples them and therefore making them more meaningful. You can go over general guidelines, like in the infographic example below or you could get really specific. You could even break down any of the steps in the infographic example below into its own individual infographic or section with more information.

Multiple statistics are illustrated with a variety of graphics and other visual representations, and attention is drawn to important figures through changes in size and color. This bold infographic created by Sure Payroll highlights a variety of facts and statistics supporting the importance of sleep. Basic icons and shading are used to visually describe group sizes, and large typography is used to emphasize figures. The Consolidated Foodservice team illustrated the hidden dangers of habits like skipping breakfast or nighttime munching – and how to break them – with this attractive infographic.

Women Entrepreneurs Creative Infographic Template

Meaning they can generate valuable backlinks to boost your SEO. The infographic is effective due to its clever use of the iceberg metaphor. The number of bullet points explaining the concepts underlines the difference. Bold headings and platform icons make information easy to digest. And alternating colored backgrounds aid quick platform comparison.

The graphics adhere to its primary and complementary color scheme, include diverse illustrations, and relate to the work-from-home times. This infographic effectively uses visuals and color-coding to highlight key points. While bar graphs and charts illustrate potential savings for investors, making the information easy to digest. Sign up for free and get access to our constantly updated library of infographic templates. Spice up your designs by mixing and matching different infographic elements. Beyond images, charts and icons, the fonts you choose and the way you style those fonts can really set the tone for your design.

Interactive infographic examples

Any infographic depicting a process — be it abstract or easy to understand — needs to carefully direct the viewer through graphics. The spiral design of this infographic example is a creative way to do just that. A striking background can be visually appealing and informative https://adprun.net/ — just look at the map used as the backdrop for this image. To avoid a cluttered appearance, the designers placed the infographic’s diagrams and key in a dark area of the background. Finding a niche is a strategy that businesses use when they are trying to enter a new market.

Its designs often chart the many complex connections between entertainment genres and sub-genres, and are perfect for any superfan to display on their studio walls. The team at OneSpot crafted an infographic that illustrates just what elements comprise a good infographic. Statistics and definitions are displayed with informative icons and actionable advice is listed in an array of colors. This reference guide visually depicts various types of fabrics and details the proper way to care for each. Discover how to crush procrastination and grow more productive with this vibrant design from Essay Expert.

So many companies are working to create infographics, but they keep missing the mark. However, in many cases, a very long infographic is a deal-breaker for the viewer. Ideally, pixels in length is more than enough for a great informative detailed graphic. If a graphic feels text-heavy, this means the images don’t balance the infographic enough. After all, it is possible for an infographic to lack text, but not the other way around. You can create an infographic from scratch or choose to work with a template.

Begin by carefully examining each element to verify the accuracy of the data and information presented. Writing concise and clear text is crucial for maximizing the impact of your infographic and ensuring that your message is easily understood. Aim to present information in a straightforward and succinct manner, avoiding unnecessary jargon or complex language that might confuse your audience. White space, also known as negative space, also plays a crucial role in creating an aesthetically pleasing and reader-friendly layout. Embrace white space around your content, as it helps reduce visual clutter and enhances readability.

Explanatory infographic

Infobrandz and Feldman Creative designed this great infographic to illustrate concepts and themes that the greatest of infographics have in common. NeoMam Studios produced this infographic to illustrate its data-driven approach to explaining why people crave infographics. Statistics from a variety of scientific sources are brilliantly displayed in shades of red and blue and illustrated with informative images. Using Buzzsumo, Siege Media analyzed the 1,000 most-shared infographics of 2015 to determine what qualities they had in common. The resulting infographic visually explains how content marketers can create content that is more shareable.

There are millions of infographics and visuals floating on the internet. If you want to get yours noticed, create something unique and different. Map or location infographics can be used to display local, national or global data and statistics. You can color-code the map to highlight different regions, and even make them interactive by adding hover effects, links and animations. Another type of comparison infographic is a comparison chart, which compares and contrasts multiple features or brands in the form of a visual table.

Last but certainly not least, make sure that the focus of your infographic is on visuals like images, symbols, icons, illustrations, and data visualizations like charts and graphs. For a full description of each type of infographic, and when to use them, check out this guide to the 9 types of infographic templates. The best infographics make complex information seem fun and readable, and here’s a good example. The best infographics turn heavy data, facts or timelines into clear, easily digestible visual design that can be a delight to look at. They discipline combines several skills, with good design, illustration and animation often combining with an eye for salient data.

Simple consistency like this can help everyone navigate your infographic more effectively. With our Brand Kit, you can quickly change the simple color palette or background to fit your company perfectly. Also, all of these icons can be added to all of our templates with a single click. It’s simplified enough for both students and adults to be able to engage with. Thankfully the colors make it easy to move from one cluster to the next. Because the information is color-coded, the design is easy to navigate.

If you’re looking for visual inspiration, here are 10 simple infographic examples for students. Traditional learning materials can be dry and monotonous, leading to disengagement among students. Infographics, on the other hand, offer a visually stimulating and interactive learning experience. The combination of vibrant colors, illustrations, and data visualization captures students’ attention, motivating them to explore the content further. Sometimes, you just have a list of information or facts that you need to distribute quickly.

Despite all the graphics and colors, the information is simple and readable. There are probably thousands of creative infographics and articles about crafting the perfect resume. For such a mundane topic, this designer used a unique S layout to create a process infographic. This creative example shows how the infographic creation process takes a lot of steps to get right. It also illustrates, how you need to go through all of them before you can create a fantastic infographic. At first, this timeline infographic may look a bit overwhelming but you’re able to quickly see how creative it is.

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